Consulting Partners

C4 Consulting GmbH specializes in
combining hard and soft management
factors for the entrepreneurial
success of its clients. It is a
member and co-founder of the Global
Change Alliance.

GLI – Global Leadership Institute
supports transnational leadership
through customized consulting,
training, coaching and management

A team of 30 independent HR
consultants specialized in personnel
and organization development, such
as assessment/development center,
management audit, team development, psychological coaching, etc.

Business Schools and Universities

GSO-MI is one of the top 3 business schools in Germany. It offers academic, international and practice-oriented program for managers and trainee managers in the fields of economics, leadership and management. GSO-MI is proud of its internationality, excellent academic reputation, and excellent studying atmosphere and professional service.

IKF is one of the largest providers of continuing education and post-doc programs in Switzerland. Itis an academic institute dedicated to research, teaching and services in the ares of applied communication sciences, such as intercultural communication, intercultural mediation, e-learning and knowledge management.

Zhejiang University is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher educations. It is an academic university dedicated to research and application in various areas, incl. Philosophy, Management, Economics, Law, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Education, Literature, History, Agriculture.