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Training for Trainer – Trainshop Personal Enterprise Plan (PEP)


Different people bring in different ideas together with their emotions which inspire the sparks and great ideas. Meanwhile:

· How to understand your personal emotion in order to work healthily?

· How to recognize other's emotion and motivate them to work hard and happily?

· How to manage the emotion in workplace to solve conflicts and cooperate efficiently?

Because of globalization, to improve management effectiveness and business integration across countries becomes more and more important.
· How to improve team synergy and solve problems efficiently?
· How to discover potential and leverage strengths across different countries/locations?
· What kind of teamwork skills and tools are useful for improving team effectiveness?

Strategic management alignment is typically sponsored by the CEO/GM, and then implemented under the supervision of the organization's top management team or senior executives.
· How to comprehensively evaluate the current status on specific strategic issues?
· How to set the right objectives and create a buy-in from different groups?
· How to ensure the implementation and achieve the agreed goals?

We advise senior leaders as well as the HR business partners and champions in having better sensitivity and understanding of the art of balancing global integration and local adaptation from the cultural and business perspectives.


Our services and solutions in Talent put the learner in the center of the process. Our expertise covers the whole talent value chain, incl. talent management, assessment and development at the senior executives and middle management levels.