Send CV

If you are passionate individuals who are interested in management consulting area as well as developing yourself, then it’s your turn to be part of our family. Do not hesitate to send your CV through our channels and be prepared.

Retrieval of Eligible Candidate

Application screening will be the first stage of your recruitment process. Pass applications will be contacted through email & phone for online application processing (these include biographic data, career anchor and phone interview). Phone interview provides an opportunity for you to show your skills as you write on your CV.

Assessment Center

Candidates who successfully pass the retrieval process will be invited for an Assessment Centre. This stage will have 3 processes : (a) Psychological Test; (b) In depth Interview; (c) Case Study, conducted by our Consultants. Catch this opportunity to explain about yourself, activities and experiences that you have. We’ll pay attention to competence & value.

Get Your Feedback

Be ready to get the feedback as the result of assessment process. This process will be the final stage before we offer you the position.

Contract Offering & Orientation

As you pass all the stages of our recruitment process, we will contact as soon as possible for an offer. If you accept our offer then you can prepare for a new memorable experience. One day orientation will be conducted to make you understand about things that need to be done.




We advise senior leaders as well as the HR business partners and champions in having better sensitivity and understanding of the art of balancing global integration and local adaptation from the cultural and business perspectives.


Our services and solutions in Talent put the learner in the center of the process. Our expertise covers the whole talent value chain, incl. talent management, assessment and development at the senior executives and middle management levels.


We bring in-depth understanding of client's situation and needs, as well holistic approach in highlighting the "human" side of a strategic change at the different stages.