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Why we put great effort in Research?

  • Having a better understanding on the relationship and interaction between performance and culture, how to create high performance working environment by utilizing the distinctiveness of (national / ethic) cultures.
  • Development of tools (inventory and technology, learning and training modules / methods / theories) to help people working in international environment to be more effective and having more impact.
Quick view of our Researches


We advise senior leaders as well as the HR business partners and champions in having better sensitivity and understanding of the art of balancing global integration and local adaptation from the cultural and business perspectives.


Our services and solutions in Talent put the learner in the center of the process. Our expertise covers the whole talent value chain, incl. talent management, assessment and development at the senior executives and middle management levels.


We bring in-depth understanding of client's situation and needs, as well holistic approach in highlighting the "human" side of a strategic change at the different stages.