SYNTEX Business Simulation

Research background –

  • As a standardized group task the computer-assisted business simulation MANUTEX, which had been developed at the Institute of Psychology at Bamberg University, was adapted for use with pluricultural teams. The modified version called SYNTEX simulated a small garment manufacturing company with some 40 workers and staff, located in fictitious Tisiland. Participants were pre sented with the task to gather information from the company's departments (administration, purchasing, storage, production, and sales) and to take the necessary business decisions as a team. Data were retrieved and input via an experimenter on an interactive PC screen, which was not visible for the team of participants. Input and output pertained to simulated months, and business devel opments were automatically calculated upon conclusion of each month. Target criteria for the evaluation of team performance were the company's assets, per son nel satisfaction, and employment capacity.