Cultural Impacts on Learning Behaviors (CCL)
- What need to be considered for successful knowledge transfer in China?

Research background –


  • Different cultures have their own exclusive practices toward effective learning and appropriate instructor behaviors.
  • Applied research project aimed to elaborate the cross-cultural learning and training behaviors as well as the needs on the adaptation of the western teaching and learning methods for the Chinese market.

Triangle research methods -

Summary of key results –


  • Chinese learners are predominantly "Diverger" and therefore would prefer more hands-on approach on learning.
  • The Chinese interviewees emphasized on the importance of helping the learner to be independent in their learning process and teach them how to learn.
  • Chinese learners are strongly results driven, eager to learn, willing to work hard for it and emphasized relationship.
  • The learners postulated what good learner and ideal teacher should have as well as what advantageous context should incorporate. Learning process should be driven actively by the teacher and qualify the learner to learn by themselves.
  • In corporate training in China, designing an advantageous environment and practical, applied oriented courses are critical. Learning culture that encourages sharing, enabling self study and providing learning guidance is fundamental.