In-depth interview from trainers' perspective revealed -
Effective Learning, Training and Course Instruction Model

Research background –

Sixty qualitative in-depth interviews were conducted in different cities in China and Germany. Participants were experienced professionals in Training and Development from China, Germany and other nationalities working in Chinese and multinational companies.

Overview of research method -
  Summary of key results –

  • The Chinese interviewees emphasized a lot the person oriented issues such as the required qualification of excellent trainer, the ideal characteristics of the learners, the different roles a trainer have in the learning process as well as the complexities of the relationship with the learner and also between the learners.
  • The International interviewees pointed out in particular the complexity of relationship, the importance of goals and the handicap in learning transfer.
  • Chinese learner seems to be paradox. On the one side they are eager to learn, on the other side the trainer should motivate them to learn. They emphasize self-study, but expect the trainer to teach them how to learn.
  • Chinese experts pointed a lot the importance of helping the learner to be independent in their learning process; teach them how to learn they said, is an important goal of the learning process.
  • Chinese learners are strongly results driven, eager to learn, willing to work hard for it and emphasized relationship. The training process itself should be strongly learner centered, but also enable learner independence and ideally will have direct impacts on their daily jobs.
  • Motivation and results orientation would be the next categories that dominates the characteristics of effective learning and training process. Keep the motivation of the learners high as well as helping them achieving their goals would be one of the core job a trainer will have to deal with.
  • As the international interviewees mentioned both the positive and negative issues in the training and learning process, the Chinese interviewees mentioned talking mostly on the ideal situation in the process. Some of the differences often are fine that without comparison is difficult to identify.