cultureCross-Cultural Service Excellence


Welcoming Shanghai EXPO 2010, a large number of foreign guests are expecting to pay a visit to China. Recent scientific studies point out that travelers from different cultures show different expectations toward excellent services.
How can we prepare our organization to provide excellent services which could exceed the expectation of our guests?
Foundation of Cross-cultural Service Excellence
Research based approach with proven record of project best practices.

  • Intensive scientific studies on intercultural competence and cross-cultural learning in the Chinese tourism and high-tech industry since 2004 (in collaboration with Zhejiang University)
  • Conducted hundreds of cultural awareness workshops in Europe and Asia with leaders across different hierarchies, functions and industries
  • Large scale global leadership development program with European, American and Asian senior executives for leading companies in various industries
  • Global best practices in Customer Service Excellence in luxurious industry

Benefits from Cross-cultural Service Excellence training

  • Learn to recognize and understand cultural differences in dealing with foreign guests
  • Recognize potential areas of conflicts and create similarities and synergy potentials
  • Adjust personal expectations, use new knowledge about cultures and develop own action strategies adapt to the culture
  • Exchange intercultural and service excellence experiences