Cross-Cultural Awareness & Intercultural Communication

International mobility and cooperation in multinational taskforces are an ever more frequent necessity in the realm of international corporations. Culturally determined differences may either act as obstacles to productive cooperation or become a source of creativity and higher achievement by having better knowledge and know-how on dealing with them.
Target group of Cross-cultural awareness training

  • In general, recommended for all employees who are working closely with foreign colleagues, subordinate and boss
  • Chinese / European employees and their spouses who are going to live and work abroad / China for several months or years
  • Chinese / European employees who work closely and intensively in a virtual team with foreign / Chinese colleagues
  • Chinese / European employees who are responsible for foreign / Chinese clients

Benefits from Cross-cultural awareness training

  • Better understanding on the impacts of cultural differences as well as how to manage them in working and dealing with people from other countries
  • Better knowledge on how to work in multinational team, leading people from other countries and living effectively abroad
  • More consciousness about own cultural influences on own perceptions and behaviors
  • Significant appreciation of the cultural differences from others and how to leverage them for a better results

Content overview of Cross-cultural awareness training

  • Cultural differences and effective management
  • Effective communication and teamwork with foreign colleagues
  • Leadership across different cultures: Bamboos and Oak principles
  • Working and living in … (e.g. Germany, China, etc)
  • Culture shock and its coping strategies
Generic design of a 2.5-day Cross-cultural awareness training/workshop