International Human Resource Management (HRM)

How HR may support actively the corporate strategy in its internationalization expansion?
How to create performance oriented and cultural sensitive organization from the HR management perspective?
Why is International HR Management important?

  • The majority of Chinese top executives expressed their concern on the scarcity of managerial talent with cross-cultural knowledge as the biggest obstacle to their expansive global growth (recent study from McKinsey&Co).
  • Up to 30% of all expatriations fail – often as a result of intercultural problems.

International assignment circle
The success of an international assignment is judged on many different factors before, during and after the assignment, which could be formulated into a circle:

Cultural awareness training have been proved to enhance significantly the success of international assignment

  • International negotiation training workshop for the frequent global travelers
  • (Virtual) Team building workshop to improve the communication and collaboration of a global project team
  • Long-term international assignment for families of executives who are going to work and live abroad
  • Cross-cultural technology transfer training for international technical instructor team