Acceleration Learning

Whether new-joiner, high-potential talent pool or new-managerial positions, a set of new skills and knowledge must be obtained in shortest time. Effective learning and systematic development is therefore critical in ensuring employees' performance.

What is Acceleration program?
Acceleration combines and integrates different learning and teaching methods to optimize the learning effects and ensuring the learner job-performance. Participants will acquire new knowledge, attitudes and skills using traditional, experiential and technology-based approaches. 

Benefits of Acceleration program

  • Creates unique learning experience and environment which will optimize learning transfer
  • Totally involves participants and stimulates them to create knowledge actively
  • Emphasizes collaboration and sharing between participants in a learning community
  • Establishes the foundation for the company as a learning organization
  • Leverages learners strengths and challenges through the combined on- and off-the-job approaches
  • Facilitates best learning results from close to the job exercise and project

Acceleration program to different target groups

  • Helps new joiners to obtain necessary skills and get integrated into the new workplace
  • Assists the newly promoted managers and directors to have the right management and leadership skills
  • Prepares high potentials for the top jobs systematically