Assessment Center

Talent is critical issues for sustainable performance for any organizations. Selecting and developing the right talent for the right position is one of the main responsibility of the HR and Management in order to ensure the achievement of business objectives.
What is Assessment Center?
Assessment Center (AC) is a comprehensive appraisal process where a number of candidates undertake a variety of exercises, observed by a team of certified assessors and trained observers, who evaluate simulated performance against predetermined job-related behaviors.

When do you need Assessment Center?
AC provides HR and Management a systematic and transparent way in the talent selection and development. It makes sure that the organization recruits, selects, trains, compensates, evaluates and retains personnel in ways that support the organization’s objectives, such as:

  • Selection of new employees for diverse positions and functions
  • Management (Talent) Audit for organizational change and development, e.g. M&A
  • Development Assessment for comprehensive management development program
  • Career and succession planning

Benefits and uniqueness of Assessment Center

  • Proved to be highly successful in predicting the job performance and career success
  • High acceptance (perceived as fair and “face valid”) by the candidates
  • Can measure a complex set of critical success factors and predefined competencies
  • Demonstrates the strong commitment of the organization to talent

General process of Assessment Center

  • Identifying critical factors of the position
  • Designing tools and training assessors
  • Conducting Assessment Center
  • Reporting and recommendation
The application of different methods give a comprehensive picture of the candidate