Performance Management

Many companies now understand that unless you develop goals and an associated Performance Management process, it is difficult to succeed and to provide the corporation with a ling-term focus that is achievable.
What is Performance Management? 

  • Performance Management is a continuous process of identifying, measuring and developing individual and group performance in alignment with organizational objectives. It significantly affects organizational success by having managers and employees work together to set expectations, review results and reward performance.

What are the key benefits of Performance Management?

  • Focuses on results rather than behaviors and activities
  • Aligns organizational activities and processes to the goals of the organization
  • Cultivates a system-wide, long-term view of the organization
  • Produces meaningful measurements
  • How to judge a Performance Management system good or bad?
  • Do you have a measurable goal that reflect your corporate strategy?
  • Do all of your employees understand your corporate goals and how they can support them?
  • Do all of our employees have measurable goals that align with your corporate goals?
  • Do your employees understand how they are doing compared to their goals?
  • Do your managers and employees have the skills to modify their goals as business conditions change?
  • Do managers have the performance information they need to truly pay for performance?
Performance Management provides core foundation of an integrated strategic HR approach
What we can help you in optimizing your Performance Management? 

  • Assessing your current Performance Management system
  • Improving existing Performance Management system
  • Creating customized performance measures
  • Training your managers and employees
  • Performance Management system design and redesign