Induction Training Program
Challenges -
Foreign HR expert with intensive China experience –
"Chinese graduates are not well prepared, they are not ready for the work in MNC environment."

Objective -
Help foreign invested companies to reduce the preparation session of young Chinese academician through developing their active learning with multiple channels.

Expected results -

  • Helping learners to find out effective learning methods, media and styles, which facilitates learning efficiency
  • Increasing learners' ability of "Learning by Doing", which bridges knowledge to application efficiently
  • Exploring practical product for developing learning organization employees successfully
  • Selecting several young academician out of the graduate pool to become the international project team member

Participants – Talent pool of graduates / young academician

Design -

  • All participants go through a four-month accelerated learning program either individually or in small group
  • Induction training program aims at the integration of five skills mastering through the combination of classroom learning, action learning and web-based learning

Feedback -
Know oneself

  • The most exciting fact, at least to me, is that I know myself better than before: my strength, my weakness; what I can improve, what I should keep, and what I could manage.

Deal with teammates

  • I cared not enough about "human"! That's a big problem! So, this is very important…
  • I know my team members better…
  • For me, the most important experience is how to deal with the quarrel…

Deal with the job

  • …never say any word that may diminish our confidence at the critical moment.
  • A clear evaluation of our the whole situation, instead of dreaming of the good outcomes, will help us to perfect our website.
  • We checked every points, and do our best to meet demands.

Learn from others

  • …the [other group’s] plan was more detailed and I appreciated them [the other group] in that they could keep to the plan and had reflection on what they had done.