Management Development Program
Challenges -
Our client is in the highly innovative high-tech industry, which requires all their employees to be creative and able to generate solutions in their daily working situations.
Different people bring in different emotions which inspire the sparks and great ideas. Meanwhile, the lack of emotional management skills may cause low efficiency, working motivation and many conflicts, which had bad influence on the business performance.

Objective -
Develop middle level management team by enhancing their emotional management skills.

Expected results -

  • Better understanding of emotion management skills in workplace
  • Enhancing self awareness and other (team member) awareness
  • Improving team culture to create more positive team spirit
  • Applying learned skills into personal career development
  • Developing action plan for further implementation

Participants – Senior management team

Design -

  • 2-Day workshop on emotional management for the whole senior management team
  • Within 2 weeks after the workshop, each participant have an-hour individual feedback discussion with the coach to develop an individual development plan

Feedback -

  • I understand myself and other much more better through diverse tools provide in the workshop.
  • I am getting aware of the different personalities of my team members and could accept them well now!
  • I understand my colleagues much better than before.
  • We have more positive working attitude and team spirit after the workshop.
  • I realized the importance of emotion in our daily work and lives.
  • I got the knowledge on basic concept of emotional managements, and how emotional management influence decision making process and leadership style.