Strategic Management Meeting

Challenges -
Our client is a Chinese-Europe joint venture with main business in high-tech industry, has more than 5000 employees. The surge capacity from business, intensive industry competition and ineffective cooperation and communication between Chinese and foreign staffs became the big challenges to the business development.

Objective -

  • Improving communication and cooperation between Chinese and foreign parts.
  • Achieving common understanding on organizational vision and strategy.

Expected results -

  • Understanding organizational situation clearly from different perspectives
  • Exploring challenges the organization faced and identifying critical ones
  • Discovering influencing factors for different challenges
  • Developing action plan for the future implementation

Participants – Top management team

Design -
Four-step program proposed for deep understanding our client's situation and supporting the success of strategic meeting and a better collaboration

  • We took cultural impacts into consideration during the whole process of the project, especially the cross-cultural differences between Chinese and Western cultures.
  • Employees from different levels of the organization took part in the organizational flash analysis, in order to build strong foundation for the strategic meeting of top management team.
  • Scientific approaches of organizational diagnostic, applying in-depth interview and group discussion, techniques were used in the process to identify the critical challenges and influencing factors for the organization effectiveness and the top management team collaboration.













Feedback -
Understanding across cultures

  • It is important for me to get the awareness how cultural differences influence our communication and understanding. It will be helpful for the cooperation with my foreign partners in the future work!
  • I realize that cross-cultural issues influence on our working approach, team spirit, organizational strategy, and action agreements.

Open communication

  • The seminar is wonderful! It creates an open and free atmosphere to encourage the communication between the Chinese and foreign parts.
  • I enjoyed the open communication during the plenary discussion very much. I hope we could keep the openness from now on to get much better performance and achieve our goals more effectively!

Clear strategic vision

  • I feel we are a team, a team of this company.
  • The feeling of “We are …” gives me the confidence to solve our current problems and also the success in the near future.
  • We begin to get common understanding in organizational strategy and development.