Team & Management Effectiveness

Challenges -
Our client is one of the Fortune Global 500 in the high-tech manufacturing industry. New business strategy and matrix organization, which aims at better integration of the business across different countries in APAC, were just launched.

Objective -
Improve management effectiveness and business integration across countries in APAC team.

Expected results -

  • Clarifying goals, improving team synergy and solving current problems
  • Discovering potential and leveraging strengths across different countries
  • Having open discussion within the team, especially on negative issues
  • Learning teamwork skills and tools to improve effectiveness
  • Developing action plan for future implementation

Participants – APAC top management team

Design -

  • Three 1.5-day workshops within one year was designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of cooperation between the members of the APAC management team.
  • Main concepts of the serial of workshops includes Effective Management & Team Building, Being Effective & Get Focused and Trust & Awareness.








Feedback -

It is very helpful to clarify and focus on the group and personal goals in the near future.

  • It is great to have a structure for the problems, the fact that there was an open and free discussion is already helpful for me, for our team!
  • I learned the principles of effective management and diverse tools provided in the workshop. I will apply all these to my daily working situation.
  • I like the team diagnostic session very much! It reveals the strengths and weaknesses of our team
  • I hope we could have more chances to do such kind of workshop, not only to do team building but also to get much better performance and achieve goals more effectively!